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Introduction to molecular biology and immunology(for starters)

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Hello,Molecular biology and immunology just got interesting.
So for starters, molecular biology encompasses studying a number of molecules thus DNA, RNA and proteins hence the "central dogma" of life..
Central Dogma???? One may ask.
Well DNA is just like a hard drive storing a whole lot of information awaiting expression at an appropriate time. So when the information is needed, you go on and connect your hard drive to the printer and get a print out. In the same manner, DNA stores a lot of information one may never exhaust, this information is transcribed to mRNA and then translated to the corresponding protein which is in turn expressed..
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  2. Molecular biology is the study of living things at the level of the molecules which control them and make them up. While traditional biology concentrated on studying whole living organisms and how they interact with populations, molecular biology strives to understand living things by examining the components that make them up. For learning biology, there are many online platforms available but you have to choose trusted online platforms.