Ebola case in Tanzania!!!!! ministry warned

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Few days back there was a rumor circulating on social media abut the presence of two Ebola cases in Tanzania mainland,although the Tanzanian government has rejected the rumor via it's ministry of health minister DR.Ummy Mwalimu. In addition to that the minister has said that only the ministry of health can declare state of emergency in case of eruption of diseases including Ebola disease.
The rumor that has been circulating on social media was initiated by the case of a Dr from Bugando who was upgrading her masters education from Uganda (Makerere university) fell sick soon after reaching Tanzania. Her diagnosis wasn't clear hence results into a mind conflict and fear among health workers and surrounding society in general.
Her case has brought tension from World Health organisation and United States of America where by together they have sent a team of specialist on identifying the disease pathogen. 
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