New promising technology to clear infections from the body using magnetic filters

This is a promising technology which uses a magnetic tool that can pull leukemia,  Poisons, pathogens, viruses, bacteria and malaria out of the blood is expected to start trials next year.

The first disease  to be tested is malaria. Next, trials will be conducted to see whether the nano particles can remove sepsis-causing bacteria and tone down the deadly immune response.

George Frodsham is a designer of this blood filtering system which he discovered while studying how magnetic nano particles can bind to cells to make them detectable during imaging.

This technology works in a similar way to dialysis. Blood is taken from a patient and infused with the MediSieve particles, which attach to specific targets so that they can be captured by a magnetic filter and removed from the blood before it is pumped back into the body. The particle size, magnetic properties, and number of binding agents coating the nanoparticles are all engineered to ensure maximal capture and removal by the filter. The whole process is likely to take only two to four hours.
The blood can be repeatedly passed through the system until the disease target is at such a low concentration that the immune system or a short course of medication can remove it.


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